Get The Royal Look For Less – Be A Princess Without Breaking The Bank


Everyone woman wants to look like royalty on her wedding day.  But not every bride has the budget of a princess. Most of us have a much smaller budget when it comes to our wedding day. But just because you aren’t rich doesn’t mean that you can’t look like a million bucks when you get married.

The dress

Within hours of Kate Middleton saying “I do” to Prince William, the first knock-off of her dress was revealed. Brides-to-be that fell in love with the lace Alexander McQueen gown will be able to buy a replica for a fraction of the cost. And that goes for most celebrity or designer dresses that you may have your eye on.

Sure, walking down the aisle in a designer dress would be wonderful, but why pay extra for the name? If you’ve found your perfect dress and it happens to be designer, take a picture in to your local bridal shop and get them to help you find a similar style or a replica dress.

The jewellery

When it comes to your wedding day jewellery, less is often more. You don’t need to drape yourself in jewels and bling to look like a member of the royal family. An elegant necklace paired with simple earrings will give you the elegant royal look you are looking for.

And of course no princess is complete without her tiara! But unlike a princess or duchess, your jewels don’t need to be real to make an impact. Costume jewellery can give you the sparkle that you want on your wedding day without costing you a fortune. And if you happen to lose an earring or misplace your tiara it’s no big deal.

wedding flowers

The flowers

There is nothing quite like fresh cut flowers on your wedding day. Or is there? Silk flowers can give you the same stunning bouquet at a fraction of the cost of real flowers. But if you are determined to have fresh flowers as part of your big day, there are ways that you can drastically cut the cost.

Considering mixing things up and having one or two fragrant flowers mixed in with silk flowers for your bouquet and your bridesmaids’ bouquets. If you want to use all fresh flowers, pick out ones that are not only in season, but also local.

This will cut down on the cost since you won’t have to pay for the flowers to be shipped in. Also, if you or someone you know is crafty, you can buy the flowers bulk at a local market and make the bouquets yourself.

The hair and make-up

Getting pampered on your wedding day is a must for most brides and this includes getting their hair and make-up done. But getting all dolled up for the day so that you look perfectly exquisite doesn’t mean that you have to dish out hundreds of dollars. Ask about deals and discounts at your local spa or salon if you book in all your girls at the same place.

Another option is to go to a salon that is also a school. Student hairdressers and make-up artists supervised by an instructor can do a beautiful job for a lot less. Another alternative is to bypass the salon or spa all together and do your own hair and make-up. If you are going for a natural look with your hair down loose and your make-up soft and light like Kate Middleton, then this is a perfect solution.

Looking like a princess on your wedding day doesn’t mean that you have to spend like royalty. With some planning and smart shopping you can look like a princess without the princess pricetag.