How to Save Money On Your Bridal Accessories And Jewelry

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

bouquet with diamonds and jewelry

This wedding tradition is a great place to start when thinking about how to save money and have cheap wedding accessories. Most bridal accessories will include a veil, a tiara or other hair accessory, shoes, jewellery, handbag, and lingerie.

First and foremost, wedding jewelry like diamond engagement rings and wedding bands are going to be some of the largest purchases you are going to make in your life. Be smart, shop around and go online instead of buying in a brick and mortar stall. is a consumer education site that shows you how to shop for diamond rings online. If you want to maximize your budget and get the biggest bang for your buck, do check them out.

Whilst most brides would possibly not want to borrow a wedding dress, it may be appropriate to borrow a veil, tiara, handbag or item of jewellery instead. Perhaps your mum, grandma or future mother-in-law, has a particularly beautiful piece of jewellery they would lend you. Or maybe you have an aunt, sister or best friend who has a veil which you could adapt or trim to suit your wedding dress.

Remember it is your wedding day and you will want to feel beautiful and confident about what you are wearing so only do this if you feel comfortable – don’t feel you have to borrow or wear something just because someone else wants you to. They had their wedding day – now its your turn!

If you do want a veil but can’t borrow one and are put off by the bridal shops prices you could try shopping online for one or try to source a second-hand veil.

Ebay is a good place to start for all cheap wedding accessories including veils, and you could also check out the ads in your local paper and charity shops for a bargain.

Alternatively you could try making your own using veil tulle (from a haberdashery) and patterns found on the internet. If you’re not very handy with a sewing machine perhaps a friend or relative who is could make this as their wedding present to you.

Of course, you may decide that you don’t want to wear a veil at all and that you would prefer a tiara or some other hair accessory instead. Some brides opt to wear fresh flowers in their hair which can look really natural and beautiful too.

wedding shoes worn by brides

Wedding shoes in bridal shops tend to be very expensive and are often only suitable to wear once – at your wedding. Depending on the style of your dress your shoes may be relatively hidden too.

Many shoe shops and high street stores such as BHS and Marks and Spencer, sell wedding-style satin shoes that will be much cheaper and whilst they may not be as good quality will suffice if you only want to wear them for one day.

Whilst most stores will have a selection all year round you may have more choice in the summer months which is traditionally the most popular time for weddings to take place.

Don’t leave it too late to choose your shoes though as the height of the heel will probably dictate the length of your dess and any alterations which need to be carried out.

Again, you could try the high street stores or online shops for other cheap wedding accessories such as tiaras, hair clips, and handbags. This should work out cheaper than buying from bridal stores and you may be able to choose bridal accessories which you would use again after your wedding day. Not only will you then get more use out of these items, but they will remind you of your wedding day each time you use them.

Beautiful lingerie is another of the bridal accessories which can be very expensive – and not necessarily comfortable to wear all day! For your wedding day you will need correctly-fitting lingerie that will support and shape you well and not be visible underneath your dress. Try the large department stores for free fitting advice and consider lingerie you may be able to wear again after the day.

For example, a multi-way bra which can be worn with or without straps and in different ways to suit a variety of dresses. You may then want to have some different lingerie to wear for your wedding night. Don’t forget your garter too!

These can be one of the easier cheap wedding accessories to buy, especially if you just buy a plain one then decorate it yourself with embellishments or you may prefer to have a go at making one. Instructions on how to do this and ideas for additional decorations can be found online.