Wedding Transport Ideas And Suggestions

stylish cars for weddings

Traditionally it is the grooms responsibility to organise the wedding transport. Classic cars, sports cars, horses and carriages, even helicopters are good wedding transport ideas but obviously these all come with hefty price tags.

If you are having a civil ceremony and the wedding and reception are taking place at the same venue, you could consider whether you actually need any wedding transport at all.

Similarly, if you live near to the venue could you walk? Remember to have a back-up plan though in case of inclement weather!

Do you have a family member or friend with a suitable car which you could dress and use? Most people would be incredibly flattered to be asked and it is quite simple to decorate a car to make it look suitable for a wedding. A plain sheet over the seats to protect your dress, some ribbon (to complement your colour scheme) on the front of the car and perhaps the door handles. You could maybe add some flowers on the parcel shelf too.

Perhaps you could hire a London ‘style’ taxicab or if you want to transport a lot of guests perhaps hiring a bus would work out cheaper than several wedding cars.

wedding cars carriage

Always ask to see the actual car which will be used on the wedding day

If you choose to hire cars, always ask to see the actual vehicles that will be used for your wedding to ensure that they are properly maintained. Does the company have other cars which could be used in the event of a back-up being needed on the day?

Choose a company that knows the area well and has good knowledge of your venues and likely traffic conditions / alternative routes etc.

Make sure you get a written quote for your wedding transport and that you are aware if there are likely to be any extra charges such as mileage and fuel fees. A flat fee is best so that you know in advance your total cost for transport. If you want your car to be in the wedding photographs make sure you allow time for this and check what the chauffeur will be wearing – you will want someone who looks professional.

Check out executive taxi firms which often use large luxury cars such as BMW’s and Mercedes-Benz for transporting clients. Or you could try the rental car companies such as Budget and Hertz – they offer new model fun convertibles, sports cars, luxury vehicles and SUV’s. They may work out cheaper than hiring a more traditional wedding car and chauffeur.

Whatever you choose, remember to take the style of dress you are wearing into account to make sure you can comfortably fit into the chosen mode of wedding transport. And men, watch your corsages on the seatbelts or put them on when you arrive at the venue!