Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Love

wedding favours

In all respects, the big day should be reserved for ourselves and our soon-to-be lawfully wedded partner, shouldn’t it? Taking care of yourself, your man, your parents, your big family (let’s assume you have a big family), and your friends all at once is a pretty demanding chore not to be underestimated. After all, even though your wedding is all about you, your life is not.

You have friends and acquaintances and of course you want to make them happy! And you certainly don’t want your biggest night to be remembered as plain or – even worse – boring. You want your night to be memorable for you, your dearest, and every attendee in the room.

So, what better way to leave an imprinting memory of a great wedding night than by giving out the perfect little gifts for your guests? After all, people remember best what happens last.

That’s why we’ve brainstormed, looked around, and gathered up some of the best wedding favours ideas that are too lovely (or too useful!) to throw away. We hope this list inspired you to come up with even more creative ideas!

Engraved Glow Jars

It’s a great decoration for sure, but it can also be a great gift everyone loves! Make a glow jar with the nicest jar you can find within your price range, and engrave your names or initials on the outer lid, while putting the thank you note and date on the inside of the lid.

That way your favours won’t be too obvious to the naked eye, but it still leaves an impression on your guests. Besides, if they’re not a glow jar fan, they still can use the nice jar you gave them. Nobody throws a cute jar away.

jelly beans marriage

Glow Jar from The Gold Jelly Bean

Envelopes and Postcards

This one is intended for the more romantic brides and grooms. You can custom print the envelopes with a nice photo of both of you (maybe a back shot or waist down if you’re not that bold), and include a nice postcard alongside a thank you note for your guests.

They’ll appreciate the creativity, and it’s more likely they’ll keep the envelope and use the post card to send it to someone special instead of throwing them away. You don’t even need to professionally print the post cards, just print them on the nicest paper you can find within your budget.

Compilation CD

The playlist on the CD can depend on the theme of your wedding or the impression you want to rub off on your guests. You can either put in the best love songs in the history you ever know, the most iconic jazz songs ever made, or even some oldies to help some people walk down the memory lane.

Obviously, whatever playlist you create can’t fully satisfy everyone in the room, but they’ll appreciate the effort. Almost everyone loves good music anyway, so don’t worry about people not loving your whole playlist.