Who Should You Choose For Your Maid Of Honor?

maid of honor
Choosing a maid of honor may be the most difficult choice of your bridal party. Your Maid or Matron (married woman) of Honor should be someone you can rely on and that’s dependable.

Traditionally the maid of honor is the sister to the bride, best friend or family member. Of course, it doesn’t have to be the traditional way and it’s your decision. You need to feel comfortable and safe with the woman that is going to stand by your side most of this day.

You want your wedding and reception to be perfect. This very much depends on your choice of maid of honor.

The maid of honor will be your shadow throughout the entire wedding and reception process. Many responsibilities can be delegated to the maid of honor. Friends will flock by your side suddenly if they feel they have a chance of being in your wedding party.

Some family may even take the liberty of telling you who you should have as your maid of honor. This is your decision to make and there are many things to remember which can help in the decision process.

As you go through the thought process of who to have in your bridal party, you may want to consult your fiancé. He has a tough decision ahead of him as well in choosing a best man. These will be one of the hardest things to do especially if you are close to many people.

Just think of a person that has stood by you through thick and thin, good times and bad. Not just someone that has been a fleeting relationship but someone close to you for many years. Think of someone who you can see still sitting by your side in ten or more years.

It should be a person that you know will always be your closest friend now and into the future. The majority of the time the maid of honor is a sister or closest friend. She will be the one to be by your side throughout all the festivities of your day and months before.

The maid of honor has many responsibilities she will need to consider before excepting this position in your wedding. When choosing your maid of honor, you will need someone that not only physically can help you but also emotionally.

When looking to your side during moments of your ceremony and reception you need someone by your side that will be reassuring to you. So when choosing your maid or matron of honor, make sure it’s someone you trust with everything and that you can depend on now and for times to come.